The Georgia Southern Ropes Course

May I just say that the GSU ropes course is a true mental challenge, even for those who take the “ropes course” term lightly. The true purpose of the course is not to challenge your singular physical ability or ingenuity, but more or less, your whole group’s or class’s abilities and determination to achieve a singular goal. The ropes course was a very challenging set of group oriented obstacles that focused directly on teamwork and group wide communication, either as verbal or physical interaction. The first task that our groups encountered where solely based upon each person trying to untie themselves from other group members, while staying connected to the group as a whole. This could only be achieved by full communication by the group and each member. The second major task was the log obstacle. The purpose of the log course was to establish a group dynamic where each individual has to work to gain their own spot on the log, all without falling off of the log. Each person is allowed to make the noise of their favorite animal, but each person has to communicate with the sound of their animal, and set themselves in order from smallest animal to the largest on the log. Each person was given the opportunity to crawl/ jump/ climb/ waddle/ and or swing past other people in the group, all without making the other people or yourself fall off of the log. After several attempts, our class was able to set ourselves in order from smallest animals to largest. What I learned from that exercise was that anything that you think is impossible or impractical, can most likely be solved through teamwork and determination. It also helped me to learn how to make the noise of a penguin, and what other peoples favorite animals where. Along with their favorite animals, I found out what most people’s names are in my class. The ropes course is the best way to bring a class or group together and to achieve a group goal, and to learn how to bring everyone together.



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